About Me

Me using RPM to communicate.

Me using RPM to communicate.

My name is Ann, and my life is really a nonverbal person with autism!

My Poem:
Troubled honest past
Horrifying thought begins
How to not become dark cloud
Thundering in the chaos
It begins pounding in my head
How to have someone understand
Wishing to God my voice
Opens like a youthful tree in spring
What if the waves inside
Never stop rocking the boat of life
How does one live through each storm?
Hope to become understood.

Placing goals is times hand,
There beneath the knowledge
To help some push their pace
In life
I know time eternal doesn’t give us forever
It takes the insight of the arm
To focus their hand
Position right, life is your only obstacle


21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jaime Rische


    Thanks for your blog! I love that you are sharing your thoughts with us. What a great teaching opportunity you have, and what a great learning opportunity you have given others! Keep up the amazing work, I will be waiting for your next blog post 🙂


  2. Ruth Hopkins

    Hi Ann, I work with your Mom at AID. I cannot tell you how excited I am for you!! It is wonderful that you are able to voice how you feel. I will share this with my friends. You are amazing and inspiring. Thank you!!

  3. Kathy Sommer

    Ann, I was so touched by your poem. Thank you for putting a voice behind those with autism. I can’t wait to see your next blog and thank you once again for sharing yourself with all of us!

  4. Nancy G

    Ann, I love what you are doing! Thank you for this blog and for helping us understand how you feel…it is so special what you are sharing!!
    Nancy G

  5. Ann Clark

    Hi Ann,
    I am Kathy’s mother ,but have never met you, but I guess we have now. It is thrilling to see how you now have a way to communicate. I am so impressed with what you have done. Send me a message sometime.
    Ann kaprco@aol.com

  6. Priscilla Clark

    Hello Ann,
    I am Kathy’s other sister. I think your poem deeply expresses how you have felt deep in the inner recesses of your mind. It is so wonderful that you are able to express it so eloquently. I admire your courage to do what you are doing to help others! Wonderful job!! I look forward to who you will become!

  7. Kathy Wickens

    Ann, I am a friend of your mom and dad.I saw you the day you were born, I just read your poem. It is very, very beautiful. What do you mean by the waves inside? Kathy Wickens

  8. Anita

    Hi Ann,
    I work with your mom at AID. Your mom has helped me alot with my grandson that has autism also.
    He is 11 years old. He struggles at times to keep his temper under control when he does not get what he thinks he needs. He often apologizes when he temper is out of control. He is still learning.
    I loved your poem and I will share that with him. I hope to get him to blog you soon. You give our family hope! Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Nancy & Erica

    I read your whole blog to Eri. You are an inspiration to us!! Your writings are so interesting and moving. I know it is hard but it is life changing. Please keep your thoughts and feelings coming. We too will keep working hard!
    Your friends,
    Erica & Nancy

  10. Tina Francis

    Hi Ann,

    It is so great to hear your thoughts, and to read your poetry. Our little guy who is almost 6 loves poetry too. He is not able to communicate with us verbally but we are so excited to teach him RPM, and finally give him a chance to express himself. Thank you for spreading the word, and educating the world about RPM and autism. Keep typing, and we’ll keep listening.
    Tina on Maui

  11. Casey Witt

    Hi Ann,
    Its Casey from Giant Steps. I am so happy that you found a way to communicate effectively. I have noticed, you are a lot more smiley and seem much more happy than you did before you found RPM. It makes me very happy that you have found something that helps you so much. You are an amazing person, so intelligent and creative. I would love to be able to talk with you sometime, please.


  12. kathy hamlin

    I wan’ t everyone to know what a wonderful gift i received for my birthday, which is today, but i got this gift early—Ann told me HAPPY BIRTHDAY, while we were at the park on Sunday.!!!!

    I was so happy to see you communicate with me. I had to hold back tears. Ann, you are such a special person and I look forward to talking with you more…

  13. Suzy Felton

    Hi Annie,
    This is your old bus aide , I miss seeing your smiling face every morning. But Now i work for a new bus compony and now i can see u once agin, i all ways knew u had a voice thank goodness u can share it with me. I will look for you from my bus to see how you are doing, thank you for being my friend all those years. hugs untill we see each other agin. 🙂

  14. Janet

    Hi Ann, I have a 9 year old non verbal daughter with Autism. I was thinking about bringing her to Texas to try RPM to get her to communicate. Is that how you were able to communicate?

    1. Ann

      Dear Janet, Thank you for your question! I use RPM to communicate! It saved my life! I do not know what it would have been like for me now if I had never learned RPM! I learned RPM from Erika Anderson in Green Bay! I did not do RPM until I was eighteen. I wish I would have learned when I was nine! Please take your daughter to Texas! She will benefit more than you could ever dream!
      – Ann

  15. Linda Koscik

    Hello Ann
    I read you poems “My Poem” and “Treasure.” The poems are very moving. You communicate your feelings magnificently. Your poems are thought provoking. They show great poetic talent and human insight. There were a couple of lines that I thought were pure poetic genius! Have you written other poems? You inspired me to dig deeper into poetry. Most of the poetry I found about autism and autism issues, were written by relatives, teachers and friends of persons with autism. There seems to be very few poems authored by persons with autism. You are filling a void in the literary world. Please keep writing! Maybe one day we will see the book titled “Ann’s Anthology” filled with your poems and prose.

  16. Nicole

    Hi Ann,
    It has been such a blessing to learn about your journey and growth through RPM. I know I thanked you and your family in the past for sharing your poem and personal story with me and others during presentations, but I wanted to say it again in writing – THANK YOU! I presented a webinar this morning on Autism Spectrum Disorders for a series that is promoting Autism Awareness Month and shared your poem and blog – thank you for allowing me to share your work and for helping me to educate people about autism, RPM, and just how smart people with autism are…it’s all about finding your voice!!!

    Thanks again,

  17. Verna L. Cobb

    Hi Ann,

    I enjoy your blog very much. I am learning about RPM and am looking forward to learning more. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. You are a very talented writer!

    Verna (a friend of you mom and dad)

  18. Wally

    Ann, this is Uncle Wally, first I love you. Thank you so much for being in our family. You’ve made us better people and I am a better man because of you. I have learned so much from you. You have helped me help others-everyday.
    I love you. See you soon.

  19. Sharana Mueller

    Dear Ann,

    I read your poems and heard your speech tonight at Giant Steps-for the first time. Your ending was perfect and love your sense of humor, the rest was so inspiring beyond words!
    I am left speechless! Nothing I could say would adequately express my feelings and thoughts from hearing your words tonight!
    You might try writing Haiku poems. Only a thought, The poems you wrote were just perfect and heart-felt. They made me think and feel like Haiku poems, going beyond words to the essence of life, what is really important.
    You inspire and make me feel, reminding me of one of my favorite poems.
    I dedicate this poem to you Ann, it seems to fit you very well!
    I don’t know you, but I hear your silence and heart. They speak to me.
    You have a gift to share with the world Ann! Your speech was simply beautiful, like YOU!

    Jonathan Living Seagull & Friend

    If it’s ever so small the part you take,
    The world has need of you.
    Be it big or little the effort you make,
    The world has need of you.
    If it’s only a thought you give by the way,
    If it’s only love’s a word you pause to say,
    It’s a part that nobody else can play,
    The world has need of you.

    By your smile you can change another’s life;
    The world has need of you.
    By a word you can bring peace out of strife,
    The world has need of you.
    Then life your head and never say die;
    Count every blessing, stop every sigh.
    Get busy… don’t let a chance slip by,
    The world has need of you.
    by Evelyn Whitell

    Thank you Ann for making the world a better place, by being YOU! You wake me up to what is really important in life. You make me feel in ways I would not otherwise feel.
    I read that you have helped many people! How impressive, how loving of you!

    Defy Description, Define Yourself.
    Be Who You Are!



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