Autism Is My Disability But Is Not Who I Am

I think people do not understand that autism is our disability but not who we are!  I have friends who have completely different interests and abilities then I do!  People either think we’re retarded or genius.  I am neither!  Just because we have autism does not mean we all have the same personalities and abilities!  I would hope that I can someday be judged by being a person, not an autistic person!

4 thoughts on “Autism Is My Disability But Is Not Who I Am

  1. Kathleen Speck

    Hi Ann,
    I am friends with Eri’s mom, Nancy. She and I met this week because I had some questions about autism. I am a third grade teacher and the autistic students I have in my classroom are not non-verbal, but I want to learn to do my best by them. As their teacher I want to focus on their strengths and honor their needs.

    I have enjoyed learning about RPM and how it has been a vehicle for communication for both you girls. Your blog makes me feel like I can make a difference as a teacher, if I can remember things you have expressed about your frustrations, I can assist my students with theirs! The following entry you made really resonated with me:

    Today I was trying each activity to be on time which is not easy for me! My body does weird things which my mind cannot control which creates problems for me. Being on time requires being able to focus on the task and getting my body to move in the way I wanted it to move! Please be patient with those of us with autism!
    Patience is a key, isn’t it? I am going to make this school year the most positive experience I can for my students with ASD.
    Enjoy your trips to Green Bay! I hear they are fabulous!!!
    Kathleen Speck

  2. Jon Anderson

    While studying sign language, our professor told us that his concept of identity is composed first of being Deaf, and only after Deaf does he think of himself as American, male, white, or anything else. He considers his primary social community as the Deaf community. What identities do you adopt, and do you adopt them in any particular order? In what community do you find your primary membership?

    1. Ann Post author

      My primary identity is as a person. My next identity is usually as a person with autism. Both are part of me! Mostly I’m living trapped in autism!

  3. Tara Sheehan

    My Aunt sent me a link to your blog. I have 2 daughters on the spectrum, they are 7 & 8. I’m really grateful to find you so I can learn from your journey. I want my girls to grow up learning their autism is only one part of them and that they are more than a diagnosis. I love how your write so openly, you’re such a beautiful person; thank you for sharing that with the rest of us 🙂


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