You’re Excited About Going To Green Bay!

I’m longing to move to Green Bay! Real possibilities exist in Green Bay!  People are nice and not too worried!  People try lots of things to get you to move!  You’re not looking, you’re planning!  Planning to move.  You long to move.  Green Bay rocks!  You’re trying to get your Mother to agree!  You’re tired of being dependent!  Many people with autism want the same things everyone wants!  You want to be independent!

2 thoughts on “You’re Excited About Going To Green Bay!

  1. Nancy Zancig

    I certainly understand your enthusiasm. We all get anxious and want to move. Sometimes the time is not quite right, but you will know when the time is right. Until then, keep staying the course and continue to grow and contribute wherever and Whoever you touch.

  2. Pat

    I can understand wanting to move to Green Bay too. But there are many things to consider before such a move. You have accomplished so much just where you are. Don’t let your actual physical location hold you back.


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