I Am Living The Dream!

Life has been great lately!  I am being included in a lot of wonderful things!  I participated in a transitional workshop!  Then the following week I had my speech read by my cousin at the Giant Steps auction.  I am on a roll that I hope never ends!

2 thoughts on “I Am Living The Dream!

  1. Meredith Powers

    Ann, I just heard from Amy Benton and she loved your speech. I was surprised she had a chance to check facebook or watch the video since she has a new CD out this week. Congratulations to you!

  2. Mandie

    I know I said this at Keeler but I am so proud of you! Your speech made me cry a little when I got to watch it. You are such an example for others and I am grateful that you advocate for yourself and the others around you! Keep up the hard work!!

    Xoxo Mandie


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