Monthly Archives: September 2015

Autism and Emotions

i was at a retreat this weekend and the topic of having the ability to love came up!  It was discussed that many people believe that we with autism are not able to express love!  This is so wrong!  Just because we do not act like others does not mean we do not have the same emotions!  We just process differently!  We have trouble expressing feelings like others!i have feelings just like everyone else!  Please be aware of that when around those of us with autism!

ACE Is Great!

I am able to write this blog because of learning RPM, and I learned from ACE Teaching and Consulting in Green Bay, Wisconsin!  This was a life changer for me!  Prior to discovering ACE, I was not able to communicate with people and they did not think I was very intelligent! I now am able to let others know what I think, and that I have knowledge of the world and can contribute to make it a better place!  Thank you ACE!

It Is A Strange Life We Live

I sometimes think that life has no meaningful purpose! It is like we just are putting in our time! That each day blends into the next! We can sleep walk through it! I try not to think about what will happen next! Then something special happens that makes me realize just how special life can be! We should live each day as if it was special! Each day can not be repeated each day is a unique gift from God! Life is strange which makes it exciting and wonderful!