Monthly Archives: June 2015

It Is Good To Be Happy!

I had been sad a lot in the last few weeks because I was focusing on the future and all the losses in my life!  I think to much of my time thinking on negative events is not healthy!  There are a lot of positive things to focus on! I have many blessings that I take for granted! I hope we can all start focusing on what’s right and be happy!

Erika and Amy Get Well Soon!

My RPM instructor, Erika, is going to have surgery Friday!  I am worried about her!  Her wonderful business partner, Amy, had surgery of a different kind Monday!  It has been a week of worry for me!  I very much want it to go well for both of them!  They taught me how to communicate!  They will probably be fine, yet I still worry about them! Worry is hard for me!  I am very anxious by nature and really obsess about loved ones being hurt!  Erika does not realize how important she is to me!  Amy is very nice!  I want Amy and Erika to be in all our prayers tonight!

Way To Go Everyone!

People like to argue about their outdoor interests!  They enjoy recreation daily!  Good times really make everyone happy and terrific!  Trying to enjoy each day to the fullest!  Trying to excite everyone so that they feel really happy too!  Trying to really be grateful every day!

You’re Excited About Just Using The Ipad!

You try your best to do RPM every day!  Really hard you work!  The iPad is harder than the letter board!  I’m really anxious, really anxious!  You are great at writing about people’s stories – your stories!  You really want to be independent!  Everyone wants you to be independent!  We all want to have private conversations with people!  Everyone really wants to be independent on the iPad!