Monthly Archives: May 2015

Taking The Time For Friends Each Day!

I’m trying to enjoy time with all my really good friends!  The prom is a day to spend with all my wonderful and special nice terrific friends!  Time really flies when you are having fun!  You want the prom to last all day!  Two tries will get what time you ask others to dance!  Not a word was more easy to say then yes!  We are happy to remember how some people try to say the nicest things about the prom!  I’m happy to talk to everyone when I’m at prom!  Really happy!

Rescued Veterans Are Heroes!

People really expect to ignite others interest in reassuring the public that we are safe!  You’re really worried that we’re not!  Eating your way to try your best to relax is your option!  I’m trying really hard to not worry about war or terrorism and really reassure others!  Trying is thanking our veterans for their help with keeping us unharmed and safe!

Eri I Am So Proud Of You!

My best friend Eri graduated from Giant Steps Friday May the 8th!  I hope to be her friend all my life!  She is very sweet and smart!  She also is beautiful!  We have known each other since we were 5!  We used to fool the new aids by making them think we could not do anything and have them do everything for us!  We can now communicate with each other using RPM!  We are going to prove all those who misjudged us wrong!  I can see a bright future for Eri!  I am blessed to know her!  Good luck Eri on a great future!