Monthly Archives: April 2015

The Reaping Of What They Sow

You tease others and they tease you too.  You really enjoy teasing.  You want to feel good about yourself.  You want your friends to feel good about themselves.  You want everyone you are teasing to feel terrific!  You want to address everyone’s feelings with love!  Trying, I’m the nice one!  Not trying, I’m the impatient one!  I’m wanting to try!  You try too!

Today I Had A Great Time At A Heavy Metal Fundraiser

Today I went to a fundraiser at the Empty Bottle in Chicago!  They had several bands perform which was exciting and fun!  The music was loud and great!  I talked with several of my teachers!  I am so thankful Bridget Invited me to come!  I felt like everyone else!  They all talked to me and we all laughed and enjoyed the music!  My former music therapist played drums for the featured band!  I am more of a fan of country music but I still had a great time!

It Was Great Being At Church Today!

I went to Church with my parents today!  I felt God’s presence in the Church!  His love for us is more than I can comprehend!  I was able to do the responses with my letter board!  That made me feel part of the service!  I felt a special bond with my brothers and sisters in Christ! I want to go to both my Mom’s and Dad’s Church again!