Monthly Archives: March 2015

I Ate Lunch With Miss Linda!

I saw my really nice former teacher!  Other about town ways to teach pre reading is how you learn the best!  Miss Linda taught me to read and work math! I’m really glad I saw her!  The afternoon was a lot of fun!  We talked about the past!  Then we talked about the present!  We also talked about the future!  I’m so worried about the future!  It’s unknown!  Really a lot to talk about!  We talked for hours!  They almost threw us out!  We will see each other again!

Now It Was Patrick’s Turn To Graduate

My friend Patrick graduated from school.  Patrick turned 22 and in my school you have to leave when you turn 22!  I am going to miss Patrick!  I knew him since I was 5 years old.  He was so much fun!  He was always high energy!  He made school fun!  He kept everyone on there toes!  You really felt excitement around him!  I remember when we were young he would swing all day long if allowed to!  I was the same way!  I remember a time when he let me have his swing!  Patrick I am going to miss you!  Hope that the future is bright for you!

I’m Really Worried Very Much About The Future!

The future really is terrifying!  I’m graduating next December right before Christmas!  I’m upset that my Mother doesn’t want to move to Green Bay!  I’m trying really hard to get her to go!  I’ve tried just about everything!  Upset you’re having to go to a program that does not use RPM!  You want programs that really use RPM for talking!  I’m going to use RPM to talk is the feeling you have wanted in your life!  You really must live in Green Bay!

You Are Very Happy For Megan

My classmate Megan graduated from our school last Friday!  I tried not to cry, but I will miss her!  I have known her since I was six!  We use to steal candy from the back of our classroom when we were young!  We did a lot together!  I always thought she was beautiful and was jealous of her slim figure!  Megan, I am going to miss your feisty personality!  Congratulations Megan have a prosperous future!