Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Fun Day With Keegan!

I much liked Keegan’s birthday party on Sunday!  There was a train delivering food to the kids.  There was lots of terrific food everywhere! People were friendly and helpful, they really had a good time!  I really had a good time!  It was the best party yet!  Really terrific time was had by all!  You’re finishing up a really great year!

I Know People Are Good!

I am a strong believer that people want to do the right thing!  I just think that they have difficulty at times knowing what the right thing is!  We also sometimes disagree about what the right thing is!  People get confused with not understanding each other which creates problems, fighting and wars!  We need to be more accepting of each other!  Our differences make the world more interesting!  I see good in everyone!  I very much want everyone to see the good in each other!

I Had A Great Time At The Art Garage!


I had a great time at the art exhibit in Green Bay this week!  On Thursday evening, there were many people there and some wanted to buy my poem!  This surprised me a lot!  I wanted the night to last forever!  I met a lot of wonderful people including other artists with autism!  I then went out to dinner with my RPM teacher Erika and business manager Amy, their husbands, and my parents!  It was a great evening!  I stayed up all night, was overstimulated in a positive way!  I hope everyone can have that type of day!

You’re Trying Real Hard To Use The IPad!

Trying real hard to use the wear iPad you’re Dad owns.  That just tries your patience!  You want your own!  You reap what you sow!  You want real communication!  Trying to enjoy real communication is your ultimate goal!  Trying really is your passion to become independent using the iPad!  You should have your own iPad!  You want to be really independent using the iPad!