Monthly Archives: January 2015

You’re Graduating!

You enjoy meeting new people!  Try knowing that you will be meeting everyone you work with the rest of your life will be new!  You really try your hardest to be independent, but there is too much you need help with.  It’s scaring you!  Please be kind to those of us who need your help.  I am one of them! 

I Really Am Wanting To Have A Real Excellent Life!

I want to be independent!  I think it is a natural human desire!  People do not know how difficult a life is that is so dependent on others!  I need people to help me with everything!  I need someone to be with me at all times!  I hope someday that will not be the case!  I need more control of my body!  I need to tell my body what to do!  I look forward to that day!  I want to be able to communicate without anyone holding the iPad!  I want to be able to go somewhere by myself!  I love the progress I have made, but I am not there yet!

I’m Trying Really Hard To Use The IPad!

You’re trying  to really work on becoming independent using the ipad!  Two ways on using the iPad were taught to you!  Really arriving to your independence!  You’re school thought you were really smart!  You wanted their praise too!  You’re really happy!  You’re trying really hard to give people without a voice the words to try to talk!  You want real communication!  You really just want to talk independently!  You will talk independently!  You must!  You try every day!

My Best Weekend Yet!

I’m really happy the RPM weekend went so well!  People were bringing their most important knowledge with them!  People were trying their hardest!  People were very nice!  People were able to talk with each other!  They have just been talking for hours!  You talked by your letter board!  People talked to you with your letter board!  People tried talking with the iPad!  People tried really hard to communicate!  It was a really wonderful time in people’s lives!

I’m Glad My Poem Is Going To Be Shown At The Art Garage!

I’m pleased that my poem will be on exhibit at the art garage!  I wonder if someone will buy it?  I hope so!  I’m really happy with the poem!  Poetry makes me feel alive!  Take poetry away, though, and I feel I’m tired!  My poetry brings much niceness to my world!  People like my type of poetry!  Freedom from words is poetry’s only clues!  As clues are poetry’s only words!  Poetry clues will deal much truth!  Hear the truth!  You’re the truth!


You are happy to have a boyfriend!  You like going out every weekend!  You like more opportunities to just be yourself!  Looking your best is what you really try to do!  It’s really been enjoyable!  You are very happy!  What really matters is that you like each other!  I’m wanting to meet him all the time!  I’m too loving!  People, please be loving!

Lot Of Good Movies!

Just understand my reasons for your movies!  It makes me happy to watch your favorite movie!  You like Disney movies!  I like parties!  My best time is time with people!  Your best time is watching movies!  Please try to agree on the movie!  Please try parties!  I’m trying new things too!

It Is Great To Be With Friends!

This holiday I had time with family and friends!  It was nice to be able to communicate with them by using the letter board!  I enjoyed talking and joking with others!  I was able to hold my own in conversations with others!  It makes being around others so much more enjoyable!  Everybody needs to be heard! it is great to be taken seriously!