Monthly Archives: November 2014

I’m Really Happy!

You’re happy that someone likes you!  You like him too!  You like having a boyfriend!  People really want someone in their life!  I want a boyfriend to talk to and to go out with!  I want interesting conversations!  I want interesting places to go to! The best part is that someone thinks I am really special!  People, find someone special!

It’s Nice To Have A Boyfriend!

Today I had lunch with a friend and his parents and my parents!  Then we went to a mall!  It was a great day!  My friend said he wanted to be my boyfriend!  It is nice someone feels that way about me!  It is always nice to have someone feel you’re special!  Just because I have autism does not mean I should not have someone special in my life!  Having someone special makes life special!

I’m Trying To Get About On My Own!

I’m very dependent on other people!  Just try to imagine your my life!  You would need help with everything!  You would need best people giving RPM!  You would need pretty much everything done for you!  People thought that God really took pity on you rather than going forward!  I’m really worried about the future!  People bring easy ways to see your future!  They try to tell you what they think is best for you!  They try to talk you into believing they are right!  You know what is best as after your sessions you really express yourself!  You need others help to express yourself!  Help those with autism express themselves!

I Love Sirius Radio!

I love listening to country music on the radio!  I have been down and the music cheers me up!  I love the stories the music talks about!  Country music is America at it’s best!  Country music is a way of life!  Without country music we would not understand what working class America is all about!  I love Sirius radio!

Teachers Make Every Effort To Teach!

Teachers get frustrated by people.  Teachers really like teaching their students!  People try to tell teachers how to teach!  Take everyone’s advice with reservation!  You really know best how to teach!  Teachers want more say with everything!  They want rating about teaching to stop!  Everyone wants teachers to stay!  Everyone asks teachers about their methods, but what about their students?  Everyone, ask the students what they think about their teacher!  Rate what everyone says about their teacher.  That will take your time to rate your teacher.  Rate the real teaching to understand people’s good teaching methods!