Monthly Archives: October 2014

People Love You!

People pray more to really look for love!  Many people want to find a love.  Love is pure!  Love is kind!  Love is very gracious!  You try to be in love with a good leading man in the movies!  You want him to be love of your life!  You are a good person  People enjoy being with you!  They really love you!  You really love them!  People are your world!  People are really your love!  People want to race all the way up to the altar!  People should wait and enjoy the time with real good friends!

You’re Really Afraid!

People want friends!  People want real good important people in their life!  People want interesting people to talk with!  People want to talk in real situations!  You do too!  You want to talk so much it hurts! People like you!  You like people!  You’re afraid most of the time!  You really want people every day to talk to!  Access is opportunity!  People really want access!  Please give me access!

I Feel Bad That I Can Not Be More Independent!

It is frustrating having to rely on parents for just about everything!  They are helping me do everything!  I so want to be able to do more by myself! I just have a difficult time being independent!  It is not easy when you have relied on others your whole life to then be independent!  I, though, need to be independent to get the best out of my life!

It Is Great To Be Alive In The Twenty First Century!

It is great to live in a time when I could communicate by a letter board!  I do not know what it would have been like to have been living in the time of Temple Grandin!  It would have been difficult!  I probably would have been institutionalized!  I am so grateful for those who came before me!  Thank you to all of you who made this a better world!

It Was Nice To Socialize With Others

I had a great weekend!  I visited a friend I met in Green Bay!  It was nice being able to talk with him using my letterboard!  He was able to communicate to me in the same way!  I wish I could have stayed longer!  It was also nice seeing my cousin Nerissa and her family on Sunday!  I enjoyed the entire weekend!  I wish everybody could enjoy each day and treat it as a gift from God!

I Am Sorry My Teacher Is Leaving!

I found out today that my teacher Jenny is quitting tomorrow!  This seems way to soon since the school year just started!  We never get to find out the real reason why this would happen!  I think she was a very good teacher and I will miss her!  I hope she has a great future to!  Thank you Jenny for everything!  We will miss you a lot Jenny!

I Love My Life Right Now!

I’m very happy most of the time!  This was not always the case!  There was a time when I was unhappy most of the time!  I was always having difficulty getting my point across to others which caused me to be depressed!  I tried to talk but no words came out!  Now I can talk with my letterboard and ipad!  This has improved the quality of my life!  Let’s all be happy together!

People Need People!

People love other people!  People need other people!  People want most fun they can find!  They try to really be happy!  People say really lovely things!  They try to ask you about your life!  You tell them what you think!  You only like places that let you talk!  I love to talk!  Other people love to talk too!  Others liking you makes you happy!  I make others happy too!  Please make others happy!

It Is Difficult To Be Autistic In The Community

I was out with my family today at an orchard!  People were staring at me and my family which made me nervous!  It turned out that they were hearing impaired and were impressed with my ability to use a letter board to communicate!  I misjudged them!  It is easy to get defensive about the public reaction when you are autistic!  We need to be more sensitive to differences in others!  I think the more I am in the community, the more I can see that others also struggle with different problems which make us more like than unlike others!  Let’s all accept each other!