Monthly Archives: September 2014

People Like The Way You Look

People like those pretty special moments that make them feel good!  People love to let others tell them they are unusually pretty!  They must enjoy the compliment!  People tease!  They tease me too!  More people should compliment!  More compliments make others happy!  More people need your very sincere compliments!  You need them too!  Many are pretty!  You are very pretty too!

Residing In The Place You Want!

You really want to move!  Your parents don’t!  Trying hard to make them understand!  Trying hard on ipad does wear you out!  You’re tired! Your patience is wearing out!  You really only enjoy places where you can talk!  People like to talk!  Everyone finds their voice at ACE!  Others offer you programs without having your voice!  The hardest part is not having a voice!  If tomorrow you lose your voice, what would you do?  Please give me my voice!  Please move!

Happy Days Are Happening Now!

I am very happy to be alive during this era!  I love being able to communicate with people in ways I could not have dreamed of in the past!  I have this blog which reaches people all over the world!  I also can communicate to family like I never could before!  I need to be heard!  I love being heard!  Please let yourself be heard!

No Way To Treat Your Teacher!

Please treat your teacher with respect!  Teachers should be treated in a very nice way!  They really deserve everyone’s respect!  I like my teacher very much!  There are many people like me!  Teachers like their students too!  I have friends who try to really upset their Aides!  They should be kind to them!  Peas in a pod they should be!  Be nice to your teachers and aides!

I Try To Be Happy!

I try to be happy!  I like to feel good, but some days are easier than others!  It is not always easy to be happy!  Somedays I struggle to get out of bed!  I would like to sleep my life away!  I, though, know that would not be good for me!  Each day has an opportunity to be a great moment!  So live each moment for the best!