Monthly Archives: August 2014

I’m Excited About Doing Vacation Fun!

I’m really excited about vacation during the summer!  We went to Grant’s House in Galena!  It was really old!  I loved it!  I want to see Lincoln’s House in Springfield!  Washington’s House would be fun to see too!  The Grant House is dark and full of antiques!  It makes me happy to see it!  I’m interested in Presidents!  They really helped form our country!  They try to do what is best for our country!  I really love vacations!

I’m Too Young!

I’m too young to be able to understand why my parents try to have my best interest, yet make decisions that I can not understand!  I try to put myself in their position but can not see where they are coming from!  I really want to move to Green Bay but my mother wants me to stay in the same place I’m living at now!  I know she has her reasons but I just do not agree!  Life is full of difficult choices!  Yet it is those choices that define our lives!

It Is Good To Feel Good!

It is nice when you are healthy and are able to do things without having to feel sick!  I was sick all week and it was miserable!  Today I feel better and that is so much better than being sick.  Today is my best day of the week!  I am grateful for my health and need to do whatever I can do to stay healthy!

I’m Free And Patient!

I’m patiently waiting for love!  Love makes me live!  It makes me pretty!  Take the love away or return it!  You’re looking more for love returned!  Really take the time you need to really find love!  You deserve it!  You are important!  You’re too trusting!  You’re wonderful!  Love brings real joy to those in love!  People will love only if ready!  I can wait!

Easy To Say!

Trying to improve yourself is easier said than done!  Hard to improve time after time!  People only strive to improve themselves!  They try really hard instead to stay the same!  I want to have great abundance of friends as soon as possible!  Of course, I want one boyfriend!  It really means that he wants a girlfriend!  Liking a boy as a girl usually does like a kind man!  The boy needs more work at being kind!  Real terrific friends like to be kind to each other!  Often they need to improve themselves!  It’s easier said than done!

Life Is Funny!

It is strange how each day can be so different!  It is like riding a roller coaster!  One day you’re up and next day down!  It’s so exciting, it’s so depressing.  Life can be very strange.  It takes strength to wake up each morning! Yet each day is a gift from God!