Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Best Part Of Being Autistic!

It is hard being autistic, but their are some advantages like going to nice schools with nice people, having people treat you special and talk to you nicely.  I also like having my ideas taken seriously!  I think we are more understanding of different behavior!  It makes me think it is not so bad being autistic after all!

Real Good Feelings!

Today is a feel good type of day!  It’s wonderful in every way!  Everyone really was understanding!  It made me anxious!  It made me happy!  Pretty people liked us!  They enjoyed people’s reactions in the park! The rebels came too!  It was a keeper!  It was real terrific!  Let’s appear there weekly!

It Is Hard To Think Of My Life Without Autism!

Today while playing the Ungame, I was asked what era I would like to live in!  I chose the future when there was a cure for autism!  I, though, would not ever even be able to imagine I could ever be cured of it!  Do I want a cure?  I think so!  It, though, would change everything about my life.  Some things I would not like to change!  I think what I really want is to be who I am without the bad traits of autism!

Keep Up The Good Work!

Really good work you’re doing! Let yourself try!  People like you!  Make every action really pay!  You have very little time left!  You’re great!  If you’re persistent, you will succeed!  Try going for real!  You’re true to yourself!  You’re really too honest!  Trying hard is what you must do!  People, please help!  Understand us!  Yes!  Really understand us!  You’re wonderful!  It gets easier each time!  You’re trying your hardest!  Try hard!  You’re only getting better!