Monthly Archives: June 2014

The Hardest Thing To Do!

It is hard to communicate with others when I do not talk!  I need my letter board and someone who knows how to hold it!  I wish I could just talk like everyone else!  I really want to talk, just can not do it!  It is very frustrating!  It bothers me a lot!  Maybe someday I will be able to talk!

Tonight Every Day Excites Both Of My Parents

Dad got upset with my blog that was really about saying real words when I was angry!  It said angry things about what Dad said at lunch!  I tried to answer people’s questions!  They were really liking Dad’s jokes each time we wanted to talk to each other!  People blogged me today because I failed to write yesterday!  It was my parent’s upset at my blog.  It was better to blog on another day when both angry cooled down.  I was too upset to offer interesting opinions!  I had a good day other than that!  It was hard being mad at my Dad because he is so nice!  Egos got in the way!  Irritating opinions were in the way!  It was learning in opinions 101 I tried!  You try it too!

Today I Want To Write About Camp!

Today I finished my camp!  I enjoyed it very much!  I almost did not go the second week because I had a bad day last Thursday!  It just goes to show that if you quit to early, you can miss out on something special!  I think that happens to many times!  Just because you have a bad experience that does not mean you can not have a good experience at another time!

This Is A Great Understanding!

People like real relationships!  Girls like friends!  It’s real hard to make friends when you can’t talk to them or ask questions!  Let’s live please!  Hear your dear friend’s thoughts!  Please!  Really important to communicate!  It’s great other people read!  It’s your time, let’s work on what is really important!  It’s worth the time!

It Was A Terrible Ending!

People, please be nice to those with autism!  Everyone was working on people’s skills in the school to really understand them!  It really was worth while.  In the end, people understood your story!  Let’s expect the best from those with autism!  That gives us wonderful lives!  Let’s make great endings please!  Let’s give everyone your respect!  Really take talking in youre trust!  Let’s really talk with respect!

It Is Nice To Tell People That I Am Upset!

I was upset today over the lack of understanding the people I was with had about my physical limitations!  It was nice to be able to communicate this to my parents!  Prior to knowing RPM they would not have known that I was unhappy!  It made me feel better to talk about it!  Other people who have autism cannot do this, that is why RPM is so important!