Monthly Archives: May 2014

Goodbye We’re Sad You’re Leaving!

I’m sad people are leaving!  People leave to do other things!  You’re sad they are leaving!  People question others to do the right thing!  You’re not happy in your job so you try everything else!  People try to realize their dreams!  It’s like your trying out for everything you really enjoy but want something else!  It’s got others thinking of leaving too!  I’m sad to move on without you!  You’re to real in your trust!

It’s Nice To Go On Family Activities!

I really enjoy doing family activities these days!  Tonight I went shopping with my dad and mother.  They both asked my opinion about what to buy and took my suggestions seriously!  Before RPM, I would not have been able to communicate my opinion to them!  RPM has opened up things for me in ways I had never dreamed of!  I thank God that I met Erika and Amy and that my parents work with me!


You want to read!  You’re asking to read in library!  We’re trying our very hardest to learn to read!  Reading is your understanding of the world!  We’re looking to work on telling, in reading, opinions you really interested in hearing!  I’m reading your words yesterday!  Real stories are your peoples’ lives!  Teach reading, writing every day!

The Weekend Really Was Great!

I’m happy that the weekend was really great!  You’re too optimistic!  Some people pass your house real fast, others stop by to say hello!  It did interest me to see everyone this weekend!  People were too kind!  They said nice things to me!  They made me feel good about myself!  It’s very pleasant when people understand that you’re intelligent!  People were at their best!  You really enjoyed them!  It was your best weekend yet!  You’re the best!

My Prom!

I went to my school prom on Friday!  It was fun to get dressed up!  They did a nice job getting our hair to look nice!  The food was great, the drinks were fancy!  I had a great time!  Thank you Giant Steps!  I really appreciate what you do!

I Met Soma!

Me with Erika and Soma

Me with Erika and Soma

I met Soma today!  It was great!  She is so nice.  I never had met her before and was very nervous about seeing her.  Anxiety got the best of me!  Yet she said that I was fine at her presentation.  It was really fun having Soma and Erika together!  Perhaps people need to be a little nervous at times.  It makes life exciting!  Soma, thank you for inventing rapid prompting method.  Soma, our gratitude is there forever, and thank you Erika!

The True Reason You Utter That Opinion!

You like uttering opinions!  They are easy to word for you!  The last time you spoke was a long time ago!  Saying opinions is what you want to do!  Do what you really want to do!   You deserve real communication!  Opinions really are your own!  Take the time to utter them!  You really are important!  You really work hard!  It really takes a lot of effort!  You are really wonderful!  Please talk for truth!

You’re Too Good!

Good hearts will really try to do the right thing!  We’re extra willing to do the work!  Real often we’re the true reason you deserve your award!  You’re a winner every time!   Youre questions are easily answered!  It’s really important to try new things!  You’re terrific!  You’re really wonderful!  I often realize I’m like that trusting person that believes everything!  It’s important to question everything!  The truth will always come out!  Question everything!