Monthly Archives: April 2014

People Think RPM Is Too Controversial!

It’s too good to be true!  It’s really too good!  Youre opinion asks what RPM lets people think!  People think we’re not smart and too weird to say something intelligent!  I trust youre opinions to be more open minded!  You will try to understand that we’re people too!  It’s important to realize that people with autism are smart!  People try to assume good things are like stories made up!  The truth is understanding!

Have A Great Life!

How do we go about having a great life?  We can let other people tell us how to live, or we can take control of our life!  We can like that others tell us what to do or we can voice our own opinion!  I chose to have my opinion be heard!  I want to have a great life!  Let your opinions be heard!

It’s Hard To Live With Having No Voice!

It is not fun to have nobody hear what you want to say!  That is what my life was prior to learning RPM!  It is hard to hear others talk and you want to jump into the conversation, but you can’t because no one will understand you!  I am so grateful that people can now hear what I have on my mind.  I love being able to communicate my thoughts every day!  I enjoy talking with others.  It is a feeling of freedom from the prison my mind was in!  I really hope all will be able to be heard!  It is hard to see others not being heard!

It Is Hard To Be Real In A Unreal Situation!

Reality is different when you do not understand what is happening!  It is hard to try to figure out everything that is happening around me!  I do not know why I forget how to do things that I could do when I was younger.  It has something to do with being regressive autistic!  I wish that was not the case, but that is my reality!  I want to go forward, but sometimes I go backward!  Reality is hard, but it changes for the best!  You need to accept the truth when it occurs!

The Reality Is Terrible

People are often worried about doing poorly in school!  I am worried every day!  I think that we’re often treated like children!  We’re each working hard putting questions to the test!  Each one of us is worried about the opportunity!  Each one of us is worried that we’re going to fail.  Teachers, teach us to have success!  Teachers really need to work with us!  Teachers want to understand what people desire!  It takes teachers understanding to help us reach our real lasting hard best potential!

Reality Is Funny!

It is funny how we can be so extreme in our opinions!  It is hard to understand why we think so differently!  Reality is in the belief of the person who is thinking it at the time!  It is true that there are absolute truths that make the world go around.  Most reality is in our mind!  It is different for each one of us!  It is important to respect each other’s opinion!  It is reality that is funny!  It is the wisdom or the knowledge that is the answer!  It is reality!

It Is Good To Have Opinions About Life!

It is nice to express your views to others and have them take us seriously.  I take life really seriously.  I think everyone has a special place in this world!  I think that we need to treat each other special for we are all so special!  It is important. I believe we need to respect others and their opinions.  I think that when each of us is polite to each other, each of us can accomplish a lot!  Try asking questions!