Today I’ve Got Something On My Inner Mind

Growing up with autism my life under the constant thought of never having a voice terrified me from the very beginning.  The thought of not sharing my knowledge pleased me less everyday.  It troubled me that I could not tell my thoughts to others and I was not able to let others know what I was thinking.  Now I can let them know my thoughts and I love it!

2 thoughts on “Today I’ve Got Something On My Inner Mind

    1. Nancy Zancig

      Hello Ann,
      I am sorry I have not had the chance to respond to any of your posts. I find them very enlightening. I had to spend time with my 29 year old daughter to explain how to work a blog. She and I have share many of your posts. I am going to share this with my nephew Jim and his mother. I think his family would be very interested in RPM. Thanks for sharing! I hope to write to you soon!

      Nancy Zancig


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