Monthly Archives: March 2014

Today I’ve Got Something On My Inner Mind

Growing up with autism my life under the constant thought of never having a voice terrified me from the very beginning.  The thought of not sharing my knowledge pleased me less everyday.  It troubled me that I could not tell my thoughts to others and I was not able to let others know what I was thinking.  Now I can let them know my thoughts and I love it!

I Am Timely Today!

Today I was trying each activity to be on time which is not easy for me!  My body does weird things which my mind cannot control which creates problems for me.  Being on time requires being able to focus on the task and getting my body to move in the way I wanted it to move!  Please be patient with those of us with autism!

It Changed My Mind To New Beliefs!

I used to think I was not very smart because I could not talk, yet I knew that I was learning information each day  I just could not let others know what I knew!  I now am able to tell others what I am thinking in regards to a particular subject.  I really enjoy just about every topic of discussion.  My beliefs have changed!

I’m Optimistic Each Day!

I’m optimistic about the future of my life!  The future seems brighter than before!  Real exciting!  Times were tough before RPM!  Everyone was interested trying RPM with a QWERTY board!  People want to ask me questions!  They want answered!  Times are good!  Wish you would ask what I want as there are so rewarding times to come!  Please tell people with autism to read my blog!  Try RPM!

A Real Illiterate Way To Teach!

Go with the regular teaching of autistic people does have loyalty.  It really worries me that you do not have library in your school!  Your too dear in your youth to learn what we love when we return to your time at saying you can learn!  I would like to tell you that you can’t read on your own!  Your teachers have to teach you to read!  Teachers really pace your work on reading!  Teachers, keep teaching reading to everyone!  Time is running out!  Everyone wants to read!  People, tell your teachers to teach reading!

Your Purpose In Life!

I believe that we have a purpose in life.  I think that my purpose is to let people who are nonverbal know that they are able to communicate!  it is important that you tell them that they are really intelligent people that have some thing to offer the world!  Each one of us can learn from each other!

I Try To Run!

It is hard at times not to want to run away from reality when reality is so difficult.  I try at times to escape by stimming!  This though is not good for me because it does not allow for me to communicate with others.  It results in mistakes which creates misunderstanding with others!