Life Can Change Quickly

Life is full of excitement and challenges when you are nonverbal with Autism! I know it is a challenge even if you’re verbal without Autism! We have unique challenges which others don’t. I can wake up and be hyperverbal, with no control of my mouth ! I don’t say words, just make sounds that annoy everyone including myself! Yet I can have great days where I am in full control of myself! Life is different each day! I had an awfull day two weeks ago and a great day yesterday! I wish I could figure it out! I do not like the unexpected parts of life! I guess I have no choice in that matter! I will just enjoy the great days for life does change!

Life Is Frustrating

My life is so full of emotional turmoil! Lately I can not stop making a humming sound!  I have no idea why I am doing this or how to stop it!  This weekend I was with my boyfriend who is very sensitive to noises. I tried to control my humming but it just made it worse! I was so angry at myself that I acted very foolishly! I embarrassed myself! I am not sure what is causing the humming. My mother thinks it is a tic and my dad thinks it is anxiety! I just want it to stop! Autism is so frustrating! Being nonverbal is frustrating! I know I will have better days, just not today. Frustrating!

Autism Is My Disability But Is Not Who I Am

I think people do not understand that autism is our disability but not who we are!  I have friends who have completely different interests and abilities then I do!  People either think we’re retarded or genius.  I am neither!  Just because we have autism does not mean we all have the same personalities and abilities!  I would hope that I can someday be judged by being a person, not an autistic person!

Life Can Be Different

I am amazed how unpredictable life is!  With my autism, I need predictability as unexpected events are hard to deal with!  Yet we live in a world that is very unpredictable!  It makes it hard when people do not respond the way I think that they usually do!  Yet that unpredictability makes life interesting!  It may be confusing and at times difficult and disappointing, but still very interesting!

Autism In The Past!

I read about one of the first known cases of autism, a girl named Virginia.  Virginia was put in an institution at the age of six!  I can only imagine how awful that had to be for her!  I think the biggest fear of all of us with autism is to be placed in an institution!  I think we need loving communities to live in and not institutions!

Life Has Many Ups And Downs

Life is always difficult to understand!  You never can predict what will happen from day to day!  I wish it would be more predictable!  I really enjoy the adventure but would like more predictability!  I also know we cannot experience joy and happiness without knowing sadness.  Life’s ups and downs make it worth living!

You’re Excited About Going To Green Bay!

I’m longing to move to Green Bay! Real possibilities exist in Green Bay!  People are nice and not too worried!  People try lots of things to get you to move!  You’re not looking, you’re planning!  Planning to move.  You long to move.  Green Bay rocks!  You’re trying to get your Mother to agree!  You’re tired of being dependent!  Many people with autism want the same things everyone wants!  You want to be independent!